Neuropals is the first social platform designed for neurodivergent and autistic people. We help people on the autism spectrum make meaningful and practical connections.

No cost membership and more!

A "one to one" social network
A social platform that emphasizes "one to one" connections rather than "one to many" connections.

Your safety is our #1 priority
We use advanced ID verification to protect our members and carefully review everyone who joins.

100% neuroatypical-made
We're neurodivergent too! We created Neuropals to make it easier to connect with other atypicals.

A social network and more
Find activity buddies, dating, gaming buddies, rideshares, roommates, study buddies, travel buddies, and more.

Our members love us
Read our testimonials to see what our members are saying about their experiences.

A simple idea
Our philosophy: Be yourself and embrace your atypical nature.

100% user supported
We are entirely supported by sponsorships and member subscriptions.

Meaningful purpose
Our goal is to inspire human connection and personal success within the atypical community.

100% free membership
Enjoy the basic features for free, or choose an optional subscription to unlock the extras.

Friendly UI
Minimalistic design and muted colors are easy on your eyes for a soothing experience.

Neurography section
Our profiles emphasize your neuroatypical traits and unique way of experiencing the world.

Pet and nature photos
Rather not upload your photo? Go ahead and use a pet, animal, or nature picture!

Neuropals type quiz
Take our 12-question Neuropals type quiz and unlock your hidden behavior preferences.

We support autistic entrepreneurs
Neuropals is on a mission to help foster and support neurodivergent entrepreneurs.

How to get started

Step 1: Create your profile
Signing up for a new account is easy, takes about 90 seconds, and is totally free.

Step 2: Upload your photo
A profile photo is important, but it’s okay to upload a pet or nature photo, too.

Step 3: Tell us who/what you're looking for
With a few clicks, tell us who or what you’re looking for using the matchmaker tool.

Step 4: Verify your email
When you receive the email we send, click on the verify link to confirm your email.

Step 5: Verify your ID (optional)
Securely verify your identity using the highest industry standards to protect your privacy.

Step 6: Review the Guide
Once you log in to your account, review the member Guide for tips and safety information.

Step 7: Connect with people
Start meeting others using our handshake feature, or posting to our community Pinboard.

Step 8: Share the love
If you love Neuropals, visit often and support us by becoming a subscribing member.

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